Who is Kathchats?

Minister, Author, Speaker, Friend

I have been loving and serving the Lord for nearly 50 years. I am an avid student of the Bible. I don’t just read it. I dig deeply into the Word and I am always asking “What does this mean?” and “How does this apply to our lives?” I love teaching and speaking about women in the Bible, what most of us may not have been taught about them, and what we can learn from them now. I love researching scriptures relating to women in ministry and leadership.

My husband and I have served in full-time ministry for the Christian Motorcyclists Association for the past twelve years. As part of our calling, I counseled with women who were broken and lost. I comforted widows and mentored younger women. I encouraged women to use their God-given gifts and talents to fulfill their own unique ministries.

I have traveled overseas to meet, speak with, and minister to women in different cultures. I met with women rescued from prostitution in Nicaragua. I spoke to wives of village fishermen in Honduras and assured them that God valued them above their roles as wives and mothers. I prayed with women outside their banda huts in Uganda, danced with them to the beat of a drum and an ordinary gym whistle, and encouraged young women to learn valuable skills so they could support themselves.

I met with women in closed countries who shared the unique struggles of living in a culture that placed little value on women and who, despite persecution, are living out their faith. I listened to the stories of women who survived wars but lost their children, their husbands, sometimes their whole families and were now either alone, or at the mercy of relatives who saw them as a burden.

I laughed with them, and cried with them, and I learned so much from them! I have loved them all, and I know God cares deeply about each of them.

My life was and is about women finding their true value in Christ. I want to share the wonderful truths I have learned from the Bible about faith, life, and Jesus. I want to share the stories of the women I have met, and the women in history you may have never heard about, who fought for women, the battles they won, and the battles they lost.

Some years ago, I sought ordination, not for the sake of authority but for the sake of credibility. I know that what I know about God and women is right and just, and I want to share all of it with you. This is for my daughters, for my granddaughters, and for all women in every walk of life who need to know how loved and valued they are by God, and why.

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